A Mitzvah in Vegas

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The trip to vegas got off to a typical start when Wanda dropped and shattered a glass in the sink as we were going out the door; about five minutes from the house I realized that I had forgotten something and had to drive back for it. We were a bit behind schedule at that point, but still in good shape.

At the airport I dropped Wanda off at the door and went to park the car and drove past every single parking space in the lot before giving up and driving to the exit, where I learned that they had closed the lot since I drove in. I suggested as politely as possible (i.e., not at all) that they might want to consider a policy of closng the lot while there are still one or two vacant spaces.

Once inside the airport things went much bettter. Only a handful of people ahead of us at the baggage check-in line no line at all at the security check. A plane has just come in from Vegas and by the time they pick all the poker chips out of the seats it will be time for us to board.

3:45 pm

Allegiant gives new meaning to the phrase “the cheap seats”. The seat pitch is so narrow that you can barely scratch your nose without scraping your knuckles on the seat ahead. And they don’t recline – at all! Of course there is no free anything – not even water. I haven’t had to use the restroom yet so I don’t know how much that costs.

Of course, I’m not paying for anything I’m not using, so it’s not all bad. But it is sooooo Nevada!

The flight has been smooth and pleasant. From my aisle seat I could just catch a quick glimpse of the summit of Mount Rainier and until just a little while ago I could see the snow-capped Sierras to the west. We are pretty low now, surrounded by the splendid desolation of the Nevada desert and mountains. We are coming down the Pahrump Valley level with the summit of Mount Charleston (12,000′). Gotta shut down now.

9:20 pm

Man, is it hot! When we stepped out of the airport it felt just like stepping into the sauna at the Y yesterday. The temperature gauge in our rental car (Chevy Cruze) is all over the place, reading from 94 to 131 but the Weather Underground says that it has now cooled to a spring-like 98 after reaching a high of 111 earlier.

Our hosts at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino have been very pleasant and helpful but the establishment as a whole is right down Allegiant’s alley. There is an upcharge for everything. I knew in advance that internet access would cost $12 per day – what I didn’t know is that that is “per device” and only works in your own room. So no taking the laptop down to the breakfast buffet to check on the day’s news.

But, again, the room is large, clean and nice, the A/C works and it is pretty cheap. (On weeknights you can get a room for about $30, double that on weekends.) And we’re only paying for what we use. If you can stand walking through the clatter and clamor and glitter (and smoke) of the casino on the main floor (and they arrange it so you have to walk through the casino to get anywhere) it’s not a bad place. For Vegas.

We went to dinner at the Krazy Buffet, about 5 miles west of The Strip on Sahara Boulevard. It is an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet with a broad selection of healthy and tasty foods without a whole lot of breading and sweet sauces – lots of fresh seafood. We were about starved by the time we’d gotten through the car rental, almost an hour driving 7 miles up The Strip, the hotel check-in and unpacking so we opted for a familiar place with lots of food – Lana brought us there on our last trip. Of course, we probably ate too much but that’s the way it goes at a buffet.

Tomorrow the scheduled activities begin with a rehearsal at the Temple at 11AM – I guess I should probably say something about the reason we are here, but I am going to pack it in for now. (The previous posts on this blog should give some hints.)

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2 Responses to A Mitzvah in Vegas

  1. DJan says:

    I hope to see a couple pictures in your next post, Al. We had a good day yesterday, although I was pretty tired, and a new guy (Roger) will probably not be joining us again. Chuckanut Ridge wore him out. Only eight of us showed up. Thanks for the heads up on your other blog.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Hope you don’t melt! Have a great rest of your trip.

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